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Dear Midwives #2December 1, 2015

Dear Midwives,

This was going to be the year I learned to ski! With the “epic” snows predicted, my sweetheart was finally going to get me on the slopes to perfect my skiing and snowboarding, and now I am pregnant! Friends give me varying opinions about whether or not it is safe to ski or board now—what do you say?

Ready to ski in Taos

Dear Ready to Ski,

Pregnancy causes lots of changes in our joints and it becomes much easier to injure knees or hips and even elbows when pregnant. Because of all the twisting and turning (and falling) that goes with learning to downhill ski or snowboard, we don’t recommend that for you this winter. If you want to be out in the beautiful mountains and in the snow, think about trying snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. You will be less likely to fall and hurt yourself (and your baby!) and there is less likelihood of injuring your knees or hips. Always dress warmly, and you know we are going to tell you to drink a lot of water while you are outdoors!

The Midwives of Women’s Health Institute